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An organisation that is committed to a diverse workforce, is one that aims to harness a pool of individuals with unique qualities, acknowledging that every person can bring something different to the table and seeing this combination of differences as a potential for growth.

Attached to this commitment is also an intention to nurture and develop the potential of each individual allowing the workplace to benefit from various opinions and perspectives, the growth of employees, and unite specific strengths to the advantage of the organisation.

From the marketplace perspective, a company that promotes workplace diversity and an inclusive work environment adds to its attractiveness as an employer, and makes your company stronger, which can increase growth and profits.

The Inclusive Companies Directory is a leading portal for companies to present real job and employment opportunities to Job Seekers across the UK.

The Inclusive Companies Directory reinforces an employer's commitment to a diverse workforce by expanding possibilities available to jobseekers and embedding diversity within the companies value system. The Directory can improve a company's recruitment process by reaching a much larger pool of applicants from diverse backgrounds, thus improving the quality of the employees you hire. 

Every individual has the right to fair and equal treatment within the workplace, and we recognise the vital importance of showcasing what opportunities are available regardless of an individual's background, giving jobseekers the confidence to aim higher and achieve their desired career.

There is strict legislation on equality and diversity within our society, and stringent guidelines for organisations to follow. There is protection for those from underprivileged and minority backgrounds, and strict rules against exclusion.

Understanding and embracing diversity strengthens an organisations ability to respond to changing environments and demand which is critical to ensuring your organisation stays competitive in the economy.

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The Inclusive Companies Audit will advise you on strength and areas for improvement regarding the workforce and your relationship with employees. Our team can offer an ongoing consultancy association and provide support, advice and assistance in the implementation of the changes required to achieve your targets.

The audit will review how well you are performing in various aspects of equality and diversity, providing summaries and proposed actions that will be effective and proportionate.

Preceding your audit we hope that your organisation can actively take the lead to highlight the business case for diversity within your organisation highlighting the strength of your company and adding to your attractiveness as an employer.



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