Age Advice & Support

It is unlawful for your age to be the cause of less favourable treatment in your workplace or vocational training.

Ageism, age diversity, and age discrimination legislation are now significant aspects of employment, retirement, and life beyond work.

Age diversity offers positive advantages for healthy organisations, just like any other sort of diversity in work and life. Treating people fairly, regardless of age, is central to the principles of ethical business and ethical organisations.

‘Those aged 55-64 are twice as likely to be made redundant in organisational restructuring and reshaping exercises’

Careers Advice

Whether you want direction or a fresh start we can help you get your career off right with our articles and help from professionals and experienced veterans alike.

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Education Advice

Some people may find the process of getting accepted into Higher Education, daunting and expensive. The Inclusive Companies are here to make you realise that it doesn’t have to be this way, and applying for College/University can be pretty easy.

Whichever path you decide to take, the Inclusive Companies are here to guide you, providing you with helpful information, from taking the first step and applying for university right through to getting help with your tuition fees.

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