The Open University

Ranked No.3 2017 | Ranked No.24 2016

The Open University (OU) is innovative, responsive and inclusive. They deliver world-class, part-time education to people across the four nations of the UK and worldwide. Their mission to be open to people, places, methods and ideas is transparent in their submission, embedding equality in all that they do. An incredible amount of evidence showcases their outstanding devotion which is expressed in the principles of their equality scheme. The OU focuses on training their staff and have a mandatory requirement for all staff to refresh their equality training at least every 24 months – for many organisations this training is a ‘one off’. The OU has also run a series of workshops entitled ‘The Equality Expert Series’ with staff who complete all three workshops earning a certificate of recognition. From extraordinary initiatives, through to forums and engagement training, they have outshone other providers as a truly diverse educational institute. The OU recognises the value of diversity and the strength that it brings, challenging underrepresentation and differences in outcomes through positive action programmes. ‘The OU is breaking new ground’ described our advisory panel, ‘with top down commitment’.

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