Ranked No.1 2017 | Ranked No.1 2016

Mental Health and Well being Charity Touchstone has ranked number 1 for a second year in a row on The Inclusive Top 50 UK Employers List, showcasing exceptional levels of representation across all protected characteristics at Senior Management, Executive and Board level. The Leeds based charity was born in 1982 after it was acknowledged that large numbers of vulnerable people were left feeling isolated and distressed. More than 30 years on and Touchstone provide services to over 2,000 people per year, aiming to make the cities they work in more culturally competent. This remarkable employer was hailed by our advisory panel for being ‘outstanding all round’ and an ‘excellent organisation with real impact’. Their strong submission and impressive statistics showcased phenomenal commitment to diversity across various topics including recruitment, training, community initiatives, employee engagement and mentoring schemes. Evidence provided is a testament to Touchstone’s passion and determination to putting equality, diversity and inclusion at the heart of the charity, and a position at the top of the list is most certainly warranted.

“Touchstone is delighted to be named the UK’s Most Inclusive Employer for the second year running. Winning this award is a huge honour but also a vindication of the incredible amount of time, energy and resources we put into inclusion in our organisation.”

Alison Lowe | CEO | Touchstone

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