Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service

Ranked No.4 2017 | Ranked No.13 2016

With a vision of ‘Creating the safest community’, and a mission ‘To save life, reduce risk, provide humanitarian services and protect the environment’, it is clear why this fire service are going to great lengths to be fully inclusive. Exceptional recruitment and policies with strong monitoring have cemented TWFRS a place within the top 5 on this year’s Inclusive Top 50 List. Their positive action campaigns targeting female and BME candidates have produced brilliant results, greatly assisting the service in achieving their recruitment and equality targets. By analysing all fire-fighter applicants’ data this clearly showed a marked increase in the number of female and BME applicants. They have a significant spectrum of employee engagement initiatives ranging from opportunities for employees to engage in organisational issues/developments, Listening Events (face to face discussion with senior management), Team Talk (core brief two way information channel between management and the workforce) and a ‘have your say’ consultation section on the intranet.

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