An introduction to psychological safety – Facilitated by Gina Battye @ Online Webinar
Jun 1 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

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During this webinar we will explore:

  • What is psychological safety?
  • What affects your safety in the workplace?
  • The 5 Pillars of Psychological Safety
  • Practical strategies to create an inclusive workplace

Gina’s ground-breaking ‘5 Pillars of Psychological Safety’, encompasses 5 key areas that cultivate an environment where people, teams and businesses thrive. Gina will speak about her personal experiences of workplace homophobia and how this was the catalyst for the 5 Pillars being created. 

Through the 5 Pillars of Psychological Safety, Gina will discuss Self, Social, Collaboration, Curiosity and Creativity. These 5 Pillars are principles and teachings that are applicable to workplaces and their people around the globe, whether working in an office or online.

Creating psychological safety by its very nature is intersectional and creating a safe workplace is diversity and inclusion in action.

About Gina Battye

Gina Battye is a world-renowned Psychological Safety and LGBT+ Inclusion Consultant and Trainer for Multinational Corporations, Fortune 500s, TV, Film and the Global Press. Creator of the 5 Pillars of Psychological Safety and the Authentic Self Process, Gina has been featured in: Sky News, BBC Radio, Forbes, Psychologies, Cosmopolitan, Pink News, Vice and Diva to name a few.

Gina’s 5 Pillars are the foundations and building blocks being used in organisations worldwide, to create fully inclusive workplaces, Gina’s uses her own personal experiences and lengthy knowledge of psychological safety to show the impact this can have on the individual in all areas of their lives.

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Long COVID in the workplace – Facilitated by Dave Thompson MBE @ Online Webinar
Jun 28 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Inclusive Companies are thrilled to be partnering with internationally acclaimed, Warrington Disability Partnership, to deliver a webinar to raise awareness of long COVID and provide practical information around its effects on employees.

An estimated 1.3 million people in the UK (2.0% of the population) are experiencing long COVID (symptoms persisting for more than four weeks after the first suspected coronavirus (COVID-19) infection that were not explained by something else). Of these, over half a million, first had (or suspected they had) COVID-19 at least one year previously.

Fatigue continues to be the most common symptom reported as part of individuals’ experience of long COVID (51%), followed by loss of smell (37%), shortness of breath (36%), and difficulty concentrating (28%). The prevalence is greatest in people aged 35 to 69 years, females, people living in more deprived areas, those working in health care, social care, or teaching and education, and those with another activity-limiting health condition or disability.

The majority of people who attend professionally organised long COVID support groups and services state that their employers haven’t made reasonable adjustments to enable them to return to work, and in some cases, their families and friends have been unsympathetic as to the level of impairments they are enduring.
Join WDP Co-founder and Chief Executive, Dave Thompson MBE DL MBA to explore…

• The challenges of people living with long COVID.
• The effects of long COVID.
• Practical information about making reasonable adjustments.
• Ideas on what you could do to support colleagues who have long COVID.

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About Dave Thompson MBE DL MBA


Dave is the founder and Chief Executive of Warrington Disability Partnership, a user led organisation, employing over 50 staff and nearly 200 volunteers. Together they provide a wide range of independent living services including two Independent Living Centres, Direct Payments and Payroll Services, Shopmobility, Inclusive Sports, and a number of Employment and Educational contracts.

Until April 2015 Dave worked as a senior manager in the NHS. He started out his 20 year career as the UK’s first full-time Disability Advisor. Completing his NHS career as the Assistant Director of Inclusion where he led on equality & diversity, patient & public involvement and social inclusion. Dave has been involved in a number of high profile initiatives working with NHS Employers and NHS England, including policies and procedures still used across health and social care services.    

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How to Embed LGBT+ Inclusion Post Pride Month @ Online Webinar
Jun 30 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

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LGBT+ Pride Month is celebrated annually to honour the 1969 Stonewall riots; the riots were important protests that took place in America and changed gay rights for many people around the world. Pride is also a month which celebrates people coming together in love and friendship, to honour the achievements the LGBT+ community and show how far LGBT+ rights have come, while highlighting certain areas which need to be more inclusive for the community.

But how do we embed LGBT+ inclusion post pride month?

Chief Executive of the LGBT Foundation Paul Martin will be discussing how organisations can celebrate the LGBT+ community post pride celebrations, to ensure every member of the community is supported, respected, and can thrive in the workplace. Workplace LGBT+ discrimination is a prevalent issue in organisations across the UK, to combat this, employers must embed LGBT+ inclusion all year round to create an inclusive working environment for every member of staff.

About the Facilitator

Paul Martin OBE is Chief Executive of LGBT Foundation – a national charity delivering advice, support, and information services to lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans communities. With a history dating back to 1975, they campaign for a fair and equal society where all LGBT people can achieve their full potential. Each year, LGBT Foundation supports over 40,000 people, achieving an average 98% satisfaction rating, as well as providing information to over 600,000 individuals online.

Paul has been actively involved in the LGBT Community for over 30 years. As a member of the Greater Manchester Mayor’s LGBT Advisory Group, Paul is one of a panel of specialists working to tackle inequalities faced by lesbian, gay, bi and trans people. Paul is also Chair of The National LGB&T Partnership which is a network of English LGB&T service delivery organisations. Paul is a member of the National LGBT Ministerial Advisory Panel – ensuring the Government meets its commitment to improving lives as set out in the landmark LGBT Action Plan.

Paul was awarded an OBE in 2011 for all of his work in supporting and campaigning for the LGBT+ community and is now happily married to his husband Pete and lives in Chorlton, Manchester.

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Anti-Racism Training – Facilitated by Zara Rawlinson @ Online Webinar
Jul 6 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

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Webinar Description:

In order for the workplace to become fully inclusive, organisations must actively support every member of staff to bring the best version of themselves to work to thrive in a working environment. It’s important that employers address inappropriate or racist behaviour at every level of the business, to tackle outdated attitudes and help employees understand their privilege and the power of allyship.

This webinar will provide an overview of racism, stereotypes, prejudices, as well as the impact of racism and how employees can proactively challenge racism when it occurs; to not just become non-racist but to actively become anti-racist. Putting anti-racism at the forefront of the charity’s values, Zara Rawlinson, founder of Panda Anti-Racism Team will also share her own personal experiences of racism, along with statistics on racial crimes across the UK, to encourage organisations to focus on racial equality to create an inclusive workplace for all.

About Facilitator:

Zara moved to Kent from South East London with her husband and 3 mixed race children. Initially she had concerns prior to moving about living somewhere that was not diverse but naively believed that the world had changed. Within her children’s first school year her 6-year-old was subject to a racist slur on the playground. This began a long barrage of racist incidents and language aimed at her children and herself. Zara then decided to meet with schools on numerous occasions and she soon learnt that some didn’t know how to handle racial incidents or how to communicate with students or parents about race as there was a lack of basic education around racism.

Zara realised that instead of getting emotional, she could do something that would make a real difference. She decided to work directly with schools to provide mental health interventions and set up anti-racism workshops where she could have these conversations on a wider scale.

In 2019, Zara founded Panda Anti-Racism (PART), a charity which aims to educate young people in schools and the wider community on anti-racism through promoting equality, diversity, and current affairs. Since then, Zara and PART have educated hundreds of young people around the impact of racism, stereotypes, and biases to learn how to challenge racism when it occurs so that they don’t just become non-racist, but they become actively anti-racist.

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How to Elevate Organisational Parental Leave Policies – Facilitated by Lucy Unwin @ Online Webinar
Jul 13 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

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Inclusion for All is one of the pillars of Vodafone’s purpose, their strategy seeks to ensure no one is left behind. Vodafone has a number of key policies and initiatives in place to support parents in the workplace, recognising the importance to attract and retain talent, but also ensure that employees are at the heart of everything they do.

In 2015, Vodafone launched a market-leading Global Maternity Policy and, in 2020 launched their ground-breaking Parental Leave Policy, which offers 16 weeks of fully paid leave. These policies, along with ReConnect – our Return-to-Work programme – are supported with the ability to return to work flexibly, with employees working 80% of their hours for the first 6 months, with 100% pay.

Most recently, they launched support on premature birth, pregnancy loss and for carers. In order to embed these policies, culture and communication are intrinsic to the company’s success.

During this webinar, DEI, Culture and Talent Leader Lucy Unwin will discuss Vodafone’s journey to support parents in the workplace, to help other organisations across the UK revaluate their parental leave policies to best support employees on their journey.

LucyAbout Lucy

Lucy Unwin is a DEI, Culture and Talent Leader at Vodafone who is passionate about creating a work culture where people belong, can thrive, and grow. Over the years Lucy has combined her skills of driving transformation with her ambition to deliver positive changes to develop and engage diverse talent. This has included creating the global employee experience approach at Vodafone, shaping the new organisation cultural framework, leading on new initiatives such as digital reciprocal mentoring and new policies such as Vodafone’s global parental leave policy.

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Utilizing Gender Pay Gap Reports – Facilitated by Lisa Ventura @ Online Webinar
Jul 27 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

In 2017, UK organisations with over 250 employees were required by law to publish information around their gender pay gap. The gender pay gap is an equality measure which calculates the difference in hourly earnings between women and men, closing the UK’s gender pay gap has been a consistent struggle for several years with minimal progression. The COVID-19 pandemic had a direct impact on the progression of equal gender pay, as the gap widened from 14.9% in 2020 to 15.4% in 2021. Pay gaps are direct indicators of systematic diversity and inclusion problems within the business and help shine a light on areas in need of improvement.

During this webinar, award winning cyber security consultant Lisa Ventura, will delve into gender pay gap reporting and discuss how organisations can utilize their reports to close the gap to create equal pay for every employee. Lisa’s passion within cyber security has led her to raise awareness about equality for women in the cyber security sector, which has won her countless awards.

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Lisa VenturaAbout Lisa Ventura

Lisa Ventura is an award-winning cyber security consultant and has had a stellar career in the cyber security industry since 2009. She currently looks after communications at the UK Cyber Security Council and is also the Founder of Cyber Security Unity (formerly the UK Cyber Security Association), a global community organisation that is dedicated to bringing individuals and companies together who actively work in cyber security to help combat the growing cyber threat. She is extremely passionate about raising awareness of the growing cyber threat to prevent cyber-attacks and cyber fraud.

Lisa has been a consultant and speaker for numerous cyber security and tech organisations including and is a thought leader, author and keynote speaker who has been published in various publications globally. Her books “The Rise of the Cyber Women: Volume One”, “The Rise of the Cyber Women: Volume Two” and “The Varied Origins of the Cyber Men: Volume One” were published in 2020 and 2021, all to great acclaim.

Lisa has been a finalist for and won numerous awards for her work in cyber security and information security including 2020’s National Diversity Awards “Positive Role Model for Gender” award, SC Europe’s “Outstanding Contribution to Cyber Security” award, Cyber Security Awards UK “Personality of the Year” and “Woman of the Year”, Women in Cyber Security USA “Supporter of Women”, Computing Magazine’s “Woman of the Year”, She is also a TechWomen100 award winner and in 2021 Lisa was named as one of the “Top 30 Women of Influence in Cyber Security during the pandemic” by SC Magazine.

Lisa sits on the Board of the Cyber Security Global Alliance, sits on the Advisory Board of the SANS Institute for neurodiversity and sits on the board of Think Digital Partners as their cyber security advisor. Neurodiverse and proud, Lisa was diagnosed as #ActuallyAutistic in 2018 and following her diagnosis works tirelessly to encourage those from diverse backgrounds into careers in cyber security. She is also a strong advocate for women in cyber security.

More information about Lisa can be found on www.lisaventura.com and her LinkedIn profile – https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisasventura/ 

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Inclusive Companies Webinar: Tokenism – Facilitated by Kudsia Batool @ Online Webinar
Aug 3 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

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Tokenism is the practise of making a concerted effort to include people from underrepresented groups, to provide the impression of an inclusive working culture. Whilst its beneficial for companies to take the initial step towards creating a diverse workforce, tokensim can often be misconstrued as pushing diversity whilst ignoring inclusion.

During this webinar Head of Equalities and Strategy at the Trades Union Congress, Kudsia Batool, will talk about inclusion and representation and explore how workplaces can move from tokenism to representative workforces, at every level of businesses. Kudsia will shine a spotlight on areas such as supporting equality for Black workers, women workers, and LGBT+ workers and the steps needed to dismantle the barriers that lead to underrepresentation.

About Kudsia

Head of Equalities and Strategy, TUC. As Head of Equalities and Strategy, Kudsia’s responsibilities include equalities policy, the TUC’s Anti-Racism task force and TUC Strategy. A former primary school Head Teacher and a national negotiating official at the NASUWT, she introduced leadership training and development programmes for trade unionists, focussing particularly on women, black, young worker, LGBT+ and disabled members. She lobbied government, Ofsted and national employers to improve pay and conditions for teachers and school staff.

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