Conscious Inclusion Workshop – Facilitated by Jiten Patel @ Auto Trader UK
Feb 26 @ 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Inclusive Companies are proud to present our latest workshop Conscious Inclusion in partnership with Auto Trader UK.

This exclusive workshop will be facilitated by independent diversity and inclusion consultant Jiten Patel – Author of ‘Demystifying Diversity’ and Winner of the Inclusive Companies Diversity Champion (Education Sector) Award. Research tells us that unconscious bias training is great for raising awareness, but that it is not the silver bullet which people once thought it was.  Henri Bergson once said, ‘The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend’.  In the conscious inclusion we will start to work with the idea of Bergson’s principle to explore:

  • The salient identities of the individual and the team to identify invisible barriers and drivers to belonging which can hinder or enhance performance
  • What is needed at an individual, team and organisational level to promote conscious inclusion
  • Required individual and corporate everyday actions, the cumulative effect of which lead to organisational culture change

The conscious inclusion workshop moves beyond Unconscious Bias which is the ‘what’ into Conscious Inclusion which starts to look at the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ to create and sustain an inclusive workplace.

Jiten Patel

With a background in Financial Services, Jiten is an award-winning Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategist and practitioner, a published author and blogger on matters pertaining to diversity and inclusion.  He has a background in Financial Services and, upon leaving his Diversity and Inclusion role at HSBC, Jiten has worked with a vast range of clients from Blue Chip companies all the way through to small local charities. 

As well as all the four nations of the United Kingdom, his work has taken him to Western and Eastern Europe, and India.  He has been Head of Diversity at two international organisations and is founder of a successful consultancy specialising in integrating Diversity and Inclusion into leadership.  His work has earned him a number of awards, including the Diversity Champion (Education Sector) award in 2015 and the Highly Commended Head of Diversity and Inclusion award at the 2016 and 2017 Inclusive Company Awards.  He was also a top 3 finalist at the 2011 Race for Opportunity Awards for the design and development of his highly successful ‘Aspire~’ Positive Action Programme.  He was also the original architect of the Civil Service Positive Action Programme, Positive Action Pathway, which witnessed some 30% of staff achieving career related moves as a result of attendance on the programme.

In his spare time Jiten has been involved a variety of charitable work; he is a past Chair of ‘Working Families’ a charity specialising in assisting people and employers to implement effective agile working to facilitate work-life-family commitments.  Since 2002, Jiten has been a trustee of a range of charities.  He is currently a Trustee at ‘MK SNAP’ (a charity specialising in the needs of post 16 learners with learning disabilities) and the LPSOL (focusing on supporting people from South Gujarat who have settled in the UK). 

Jiten’s first book, Demystifying Diversity (co-authored by Gamiel Yafai), was published in 2016 and, three years later, it is being updated prior to going into its second edition. 


The Power of LGBT+ Networks @ Talk Talk
Mar 18 @ 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
The Power of LGBT+ Networks @ Talk Talk | Manchester | England | United Kingdom

Inclusive Companies are proud to present our latest event The Power of LGBT+ Networks in partnership with TalkTalk.

Networking is such a powerful marketing tool to accelerate and maintain success for any individual or organisation. It’s key to making connections and provides the most productive, most proficient and most enduring tactic to building mutually beneficial relationships.

There are thousands of employee, inter-sector, professional and social network groups all over the UK doing great things. But what it is that makes LGBT+ Networks so important? Inclusive Companies recently published findings from this year’s Inclusive Top 50 UK Employers Survey which revealed that 80.43% of employers had a dedicated LGBT Employee Network, remaining the most popular type of network amongst participants since 2017.

As we look to continue the momentum following LGBT History Month, ‘The Power of LGBT+ Networks’ will connect LGBT+ Networks and ally’s as well as explore innovative ways in which they have grown and formalized. This is also a fantastic opportunity to be part of a thriving new initiative, as we launch the Northern LGBT+ Network, a cross sector network for LGBT+ employee resource groups across the North.

Featuring guest speakers, a panel session and of course the chance to network over drinks and nibbles, this informal event will provide an unprecedented opportunity to connect with others across different industries and learn more about the power of Networks. Whether you identify as LGBT+, are a member of a network, an ally, or simply want to come along and learn more about joining or setting up a network, we encourage you to get involved!

Workshop – Let’s talk about the M word: Because Menopause Matters @ Auto Trader UK
May 21 @ 12:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Workshop - Let’s talk about the M word: Because Menopause Matters @ Auto Trader UK | England | United Kingdom

Further information coming soon!

National Diversity Awards 2020 @ Liverpool Anglican Cathedral
Sep 25 @ 6:30 pm – 11:45 pm
National Diversity Awards 2020 @ Liverpool Anglican Cathedral | England | United Kingdom

The National Diversity Awards – a prestigious black tie event, which celebrates the excellent achievements of grass- root communities that tackle the issues in today’s society, giving them recognition for their dedication and hard work.

Charities, role models and community heroes will be honoured at the ceremony showcasing their outstanding devotion to enhancing equality, diversity and inclusion; thus embracing the excellence of all our citizens irrespective of race, faith, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability and culture.

The concept for the National Diversity Awards arose when The Diversity Group identified an urgent need for more positive role models to be actively promoted, with the aim to empower and inspire the wide breadth of diverse communities across the UK.

If ever there was a time to celebrate and elevate the truly staggering diversity of talent the UK has to offer, it is now – opportunities are thin, and deprived communities need motivation and inspiration.

These awards are for people who inspire other individuals through their work, through their commitment to helping others, through their infectious personalities and through adversity.

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