You can find this out by keeping in touch with the local press, reading trade magazines and checking out the websites of Sector Skills Councils:

  • look in the papers for vacancies
  • use the internet
  • register with employment agencies
  • send your CV out on spec
  • cold call to ask about vacancies
  • check the vacancies in the Jobcentre

If you’re cold calling or sending out your CV make sure you send it to the person in charge of hiring in the organisation; not the Human Resources Dep

Networking is a good way of finding out about vacancies as the majority of jobs aren’t advertised. Networking is about letting as many people as possible know that you’re seeking work. This includes friends, family, ex-employers, future employers. The more people who know you’re looking for work, the higher the chances will be that you’ll hear of something.

Don’t just target just one job or organisation. Apply for as many relevant jobs as you can. But don’t apply for jobs you’re not suited to or qualified for. It’s better to spend time on applying for the jobs you’ve got a better chance of getting.