Stammering, Diversity, and Inclusion

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Inclusive Companies Webinar
18th October 2022 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm Europe/London Timezone
Online Webinar

Stammering, Diversity, and Inclusion

Stammering is a hidden disability that affects an individual’s ability to communicate. Its seriousness does not necessarily stem from any difficulty communicating but from the stigma associated with it. Individuals who stammer are often misperceived as nervous, anxious, or less intelligent than fluent speakers. Managers, colleagues and recruiters should be aware of any unconscious bias against people who stammer.
Employers have a legal obligation to make reasonable adjustments and not discriminate against employees who might be facing barriers at work because of a Stammer – even if it has not been diagnosed as a disability or accepted as such by the individual. This hour long session will help you learn how to incorporate stammering into your organisation’s Diversity and Inclusion agenda.

By the end of the session, you’ll know:

• Key information about stammering
• The value employees who stammer can bring to your organisation
• Practical tips for welcoming people who stammer to your organisation and creating working environments in which they can thrive

Guest speakers

Paul Roberts is an Engineering Manager in the aerospace manufacturing industry who stammers proudly. He has presented online and in person about the joys and beauty of disfluency and is an advocate for those who are beginning their own stammering acceptance journey. Paul was on the organising committee for STAMMAFestGlobal international stammering conference and provided voiceover for the award winning cinema advert ‘Not Just One Day’ promoting more stammering voices in the media. He co-founded StammaStriders, a walking group for those people who enjoy walking and just happen to stammer!

Kirsten Howells is an experienced Speech & Language Therapist who has previously lived and worked in Norway and the USA, as well as the UK. She now works for STAMMA as Programme Lead for Adults, and coordinates the charity’s employment support services, working with organisations and individuals on issues related to stammering and work.