Lancashire Constabulary

Lancashire Constabulary

Founded in 1839, Lancashire Constabulary covers an area of 1,189 square miles. The county has a population of nearly 1.5 million with a rich diversity of communities, all with specific policing needs.

The Constabulary is split into three divisions, West, South and East and our Headquarters is based in Hutton, Preston with our Dogs and Mounted section nearby. You can find out more about their divisions in the ‘Your Area’ section of their website.


Lancashire Constabulary’s position as 4th in The Inclusive Top 50 UK Employers Index  reflects the high standard to which they operate. As well as addressing areas of improvement, Lancashire Constabulary have developed and delivered high impact initiatives to actively implement solutions. 



Deputy Chief Constable of Lancashire Constabulary, Terry Woods commented “I am absolutely delighted that our strong focus on diversity and inclusion has been so highly commended by the Inclusive Top 50 Companies Award judges. Rising from last year’s position of 12th to 4th place, reflects our commitment and hard work across the organisation to encompassing equality and inclusion.  Inclusion is absolutely vital to us as we strive to keep our communities safe and feeling safe – we can only be effective in that if our workforce is truly reflective of the communities we serve. We have more work to do in this area and are committed to delivering an integrated inclusive people-centred approach to everyone who chooses to work with us.


DI Hazra Patel

After college, Detective Inspector Hazra Patel worked as a sales executive for a stationery company and although she loved the people interaction, something vital was missing. “I really felt that I wasn’t making a difference to people’s lives which is really important to me,” she explained.

PCSO Kinga Wisniowska

Kinga Wisniowska joined Lancashire Constabulary in 2020 after working for a number of years in retail. Kinga had always dreamt of becoming a Police Officer and chose to apply for the role of Police Community Support Officer to begin her career, get a real understanding of policing and gain insight into the communities she could potentially serve as a Police Officer.