Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) and National Express buses (NX) – Welcome Aboard


ICA18 Shortlisted Nominee.

Best Diversity Resource Award

Transport for West Midlands in partnership with National Express have developed “Welcome aboard”, a bus driver disability awareness DVD to assist with disability awareness training for bus drivers. The DVD was developed in conjunction with key local and regional disability groups. National Express (NX) is the largest bus operator in the region and the DVD forms part of a wider disability awareness training programme that has been developed. It will assist bus drivers in their dealings with customers who have different types of disabilities. In addition, the DVD will help improve driver awareness and confidence and shows how to assist customers with visible and non-visible disabilities. The training content has already received positive responses from disability groups and the bus drivers feel that it has helped bring to life key issues that they need to be aware of. The DVD has been communicated more widely both regionally and nationally.


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