Inclusive Top 50 UK Employers 2022/23 Full Report

IT50 Report

Inclusive Companies are proud to present the findings from our annual report derived from the seventh annual Inclusive Top 50 UK Employers List.

The premier cross industry index harnessing best practice and innovation to drive inclusion for all is a definitive list of the UK’s most Inclusive Employers. Organisations participating in the benchmark have provided sufficient evidence on an amalgamation of topics, designed to collate the most accurate and relevant data from employers regarding their inclusivity practices. An independent advisory panel of Diversity & Inclusion experts have reviewed and analyzed each submission, determining the rankings of each participant.

2022 was another challenging year for all businesses and has taken a personal toll on individuals. Evidence has shown that inclusive businesses will bounce back and flourish, with the most prosperous employers understanding the value of harnessing diverse talent, creating authentic work environments, and taking action to ensure their company is not left behind in the pursuit to become fully inclusive.

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