The Inclusive Companies (IC) Membership is a nationally recognised membership body across the Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) sector, and is committed to the principals of equality of opportunity for all.

Existing to challenge the lack of diverse representation within UK based organisations; the IC Membership encourages and assists employers to foster a truly inclusive working environment within which they fully recognise and value the differences of each employee.


Business benefits of joining the Inclusive Companies Membership


Unprecedented opportunity to connect with some of the nation’s leading Diversity Advocates, Heads of Diversity & Inclusion, HR Directors, Network Chairs, Diverse Community Leaders and Diversity Practitioners.


Expand your knowledge, gain a real foothold on best practice across the full spectrum of diversity strands and keep progressing within the D&I space.

Holistic Learning

Revolutionize the way you view diversity. IC take a holistic approach, helping you look beyond policies and procedures whilst assisting your organisation to become fully inclusive in its entirety.

Employer of Choice

Stand out from your competitors and take full advantage of the unparalleled opportunity to promote your organisation as an inclusive employer of choice.


Reach into and communicate with diverse communities and create synergy with cross industry corporate organisations. Through the National Diversity Awards, you will take advantage of the extraordinary opportunity to reach into the heart of your local communities and engage with diverse community leaders.


Joining our powerful hub of organisations that live and breathe diversity, you will join forces with Inclusive Companies to implement dynamic and thought provoking events tackling key topics on the diversity agenda and coming up with realistic #InclusionSolutions


The revolutionary Inclusive Companies Membership allows us to drive full inclusivity with an exciting array of member benefits, including:

Priority Access to all IC Networking Events

As a leading Diversity & Inclusion events company, Inclusive Companies members will receive exclusive invites to a host of informative and complimentary in person events, virtual webinars, workshops, and training sessions.

Full Access to the Inclusive Top 50 UK Employers List Survey

A definitive list of the UK’s most inclusive employers, the Inclusive Top 50 (IT50) is a pioneering benchmarking tool that highlights cross industry organisations who are striving to embed full inclusivity within the workplace.

Engage and connect with Diverse Communities

As the founding company of The National Diversity Awards, Inclusive Companies have direct access to an extensive database of diverse community groups and leaders from across the breadth and width of the UK.

Full access to the Inclusive Companies Member Area

As an exclusive member to the Inclusive Companies portal, you will have full access to our wide range of Resources, which include exclusive Reports, Case Studies, Guides, Toolkits, Webinars and so much more.

12 Months Unlimited Jobs on

With over 80,000 registered users, and approximately 10,000 unique hits on the website each month, Inclusive Jobs (formerly known as the Diversity Group Jobsite) is the UK’s leading and most efficient diversity jobs portal.

¼ Page Advert in the Inclusive Companies Directory

In its 15th year, the Inclusive Companies Directory (formerly known as the Diversity Group Directory) is the UK’s leading portal for inclusive companies to present employment opportunities to diverse job seekers across the UK.



In addition to the annual membership, Inclusive Companies are proud to offer additional services, providing your organisation the chance to gain a valuable and crucial insight into the thoughts of your workforce aswell as the opportunity to work with highly experienced Diversity & Inclusion Consultants on your diversity agenda.

Inclusive Companies Internal Engagement Survey


The Inclusive Companies Internal Engagement Survey will provide a clear profile and summary of your organisation, which can be utilised as a key instrument in the pursuit of your organisations equality and diversity strategies.

E,D&I Consultancy


Inclusive Companies are proud to partner with a number of highly esteemed D&I consultants who have vast experience and are highly qualified to deliver consultancy/training of a high standard.


Do the values of your organisation align with those of Inclusive Companies? Do you want to stand out from your competitors and be seen as a fully inclusive employer? Join our ever expanding network of companies leading in D&I today!

Inclusive Companies Membership (Entry Level Package)         

£1295.00 + VAT       

Access to the Inclusive Top 50 UK Employers List Survey


Inclusive Companies Core Membership     

£4,295.00 + VAT    

Priority access to all Inclusive Companies networking events
Access to the Inclusive Top 50 UK Employers List Survey
Full access to the Inclusive Companies Member Hub
12 months unlimited job listings on Inclusive Jobs
¼ page advert in Inclusive Companies Directory
Exclusive discounts on all additional IC services including Employee Engagement Survey & D&I Consultancy


To enquire about IC Employee Engagement Survey & Consultancy please contact a member of the team at

If your goal and aspiration is to have an impact with a strategic agenda where inclusion is at its core and you are committed to learning, connecting and sharing with your peers, on one of the biggest topics of our times, then Inclusive Companies is for you.


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