inclusive top 50

2023/2024 Rankings


Being inclusive makes business sense. But until now it has been hard to identify the best employers when it comes to diversity, equality and inclusion. 

This long-awaited league table of the most inclusive employers in the UK finally shines a light on best practice across all strands of diversity – age, disability, gender, LGBT, race, faith and religion.

So why is this so important? Research shows that more diverse organisations perform better and are also better places to work. Significant numbers of companies are practising inclusion as a routine event and are reaping the rewards. They are leaders in their field – not the diversity pitch, but the business stadia in which they play. And win. They aren’t just ticking a CSR box or following a moral code, important as they may be. They are capturing the diverse talents of the wonderful population of the United Kingdom and becoming more competitive as a result.

Compiled by a dedicated advisory panel, the list has been collated based on each organisations performance in a range of areas within the diversity arena. Organisations featured have provided sufficient evidence on an amalgamation of topics including recruitment procedures, training, workforce data and a host of diversity related initiatives.

The Inclusive Top 50 UK Employers List is a national accreditation, acquired by organisations annually who wish to be seen as credible competitors in the field of diversity and inclusion.

The 2023/24 Inclusive Top 50 UK Employers List is as follows...