Anglo American


At Anglo American, they are working to make this future a reality – combining integrity, creativity and smart innovation, with the utmost consideration for their people, their families, local communities, their customers and the world at large – to better connect the resources in the ground to the people who need and value them.


Anglo American is a leading global mining company and our products are the essential ingredients in almost every aspect of modern life. Our vision is to promote an inclusive and diverse environment where every colleague is valued and respected for who they are, and has the opportunity to fulfil their potential.  We are committed to ensuring all our employees are enabled to bring their whole selves to work.  This is supported through programmes such as a zero tolerance to Domestic Violence, Bully Harassment & Victimisation, and Inclusive Leadership training.  We are committed to ensuring our facilities are fully accessible to all and support the development of our Colleague Networks on a global basis.



We have been working to address the challenges of longstanding under representation imbalance within our industry, most evident at senior levels. While we are demonstrating our commitment through the actions we have taken and the improvements made at all levels of our business, both globally and within the UK, we recognise we still have much more to do and we know it will take time. Across our global business, from a gender perspective, we are aligned with the Hampton-Alexander recommendations to achieve at least a 33% female representation across our Executive Committee and those that report to it. We are making good progress and will achieve this by 2023. The Board now exceeds the Hampton-Alexander board target, 42% female representation as at 1st June 2021. The Government-supported review by Sir John Parker recommends FTSE 100 boards appoint at least one ethnically diverse board candidate by the end of 2021. Anglo American plc currently has two directors of colour on our Board.

We continue to strive to create a more inclusive workplace to enable all our colleagues to achieve their full potential. We are adopting and embedding new approaches to recruitment, talent development, mentoring, and flexible working; while also focusing on both the psychological, as well as physical, safety of every one of our colleagues – aligned to our Values and guided by our Purpose.


Fernanda Vergara

I’m Fernanda Vergara, I’m a psychologist, I’m 28 years old and I’m currently working at Anglo American as an Inclusion & Diversity Specialist. I started my career in the company as an HR Graduate in Chile, my home country, within a program that develops young talent and forms them to be the next leaders of the corporation. In that position, I could learn the work of the different areas of HR, such as Career Development, Compensation & Benefits, and Talent Acquisition, the latter being the area in which I finally worked for more than a year. Likewise, I could lead different initiatives regarding Inclusion & Diversity in that country.


Given that program, I was able to do a Continuing Education Certificate and I had the fortune of being selected as one of the best graduates of that generation along with 3 other colleagues. That gave me the opportunity to expand my career internationally, working on an area I feel passionate about, and which I know I can be a contribution to while I’m learning and developing a wider view of the business. Anglo American always supported me in every step, providing all the reasonable adjustments given my physical disability, for me to fulfill my potential. With these kinds of actions, I can rely on its vision of promoting an inclusive and diverse environment where every colleague is valued and respected for who they are, and can develop their talent with no barriers restricting it.

Musa Ahmed

An Apprentice at Anglo American, who started in the first cohort of apprentices in late 2019. His main role is research & reporting and assisting with delivering projects. Prior to this, Musa worked within private healthcare and the music industry as a business administrator. Musa holds a level 5 Diploma in Maths & Finance from City Cass Business School and is currently studying for the CFA UK’s Finance Diploma in ESG and Investment Management.


I enjoy working for Anglo American because it is a positive environment, allowing me to grow and utilise my existing skillsets as well as developing new ones. I’ve been at Anglo for over 18 months now and it’s my first ever role within the corporate world. As a young black, Muslim man with ADHD, coming from a low socioeconomic background, I never expected to get my first corporate role within a FTSE 100 company. I wasn’t sure what to expect or how I would navigate but once I started working, I got the hang of things fairly quickly. When I first started my role, my manager had me dive straight into addressing my personal development and career goals, which were to develop my professionalism, confidence/public speaking and getting into corporate finance. My manager and team having been supporting me throughout my role, giving me numerous opportunities to develop, as well as helping me grow my network by connecting me with relevant people across the organisation. I feel very supported personally and professionally at Anglo American. I feel respected for who I am and included within my team. I’m encouraged to express my ideas and contribute to meetings. My personal beliefs have always been accommodated for. I have the freedom to attend prayer and during Ramadan when I’m fasting, my line manager allows me to have flexible working hours, which made it easier for me to fast. Likewise, when I was diagnosed with ADHD and started my medication, my line manager allowed me to have flexible hours and regular breaks whilst I was adjusting to them and dealing with side effects

Anglo American is proud to be listed as one of the top 50 most inclusive companies in the UK. We see it as a very welcome endorsement of Anglo American’s genuine commitment to continue building an environment where every colleague, regardless of gender, caring responsibilities, sexual orientation, race, disability or background is enabled to achieve their full potential at work.