At EY, our purpose is Building a better working world. The insights and quality services we provide help build trust and confidence in the capital markets and in economies the world over. We develop outstanding leaders who team to deliver on our promises to all our stakeholders. In so doing, we play a critical role in building a better working world for our people, for our clients and for our communities.


At EY, diversity, equity, and inclusiveness (DE&I) are core to who we are, how we work and how we live our values. We hold a collective commitment to continue to drive an environment where all differences are valued, practices are equitable and everyone experiences a sense of belonging — where people are inspired to team and lead inclusively in their interactions every day.

We believe in maximizing the power of different perspectives and backgrounds in our teaming. Including varying points of view in our decision-making, operations and actions is fundamental to establishing long-term value for EY people, as well as long-term client, social and financial value. This helps us to fulfil the EY purpose of building a better working world. Through this, we demonstrate our organization’s distinctiveness, drive innovation, build trusted relationships across differences, enable equitable and exceptional experiences for EY people and deliver the highest quality services for clients.



Amanda Chuku

I’ve been at EY for 3 years, and although I started in Global Tax I have always had a passion and interest in DE&I especially from an intersectionality perspective. This led me to write my dissertation on gender diversity on corporate boards with a focus on intersectionality.

My role at EY UK now is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness (DE&I) Specialist within the Solutions and Enablement DE&I team. My background in Marketing and Comms has allowed me to deliver key internal comms activities and external brand assets for the DE&I team which strengthens our engagement with our people and gives us a stronger voice in the market. I lead on the LGBT+ agenda and support other protected characteristics such as Disability and Neurodiversity.


In DE&I, continuous learning is so important and as part of my role I create content, resources and learning materials for our people across various characteristics. Some examples of recent resources I’ve developed are our Neuroinclusive Toolkit, Menstruation Guides and Menopause Guides for managers and employees.

In addition, I work with industry bodies and charities that we sponsor to support them with events and connecting with our Employee Networks and Communities. This helps me to improve my project and relationship management skills and ensures I’m continuously learning and working with a diverse range of people, including working styles, thinking styles and backgrounds.


Emma Nasralla

I’ve been at EY for 6 years, previously I worked in the Business Consulting practice where I solved challenges and delivered innovative transformations for FTSE 350 clients. Now, I am a Strategy & Implementation manager in EY UK’s Diversity Equity & Inclusiveness team, where I work with leaders and talent colleagues to embed the DE&I strategy and ignite change locally. I also lead on EY’s Disability agenda, including Neurodiversity. I am able to apply my consulting expertise to generate measurable impact through process improvement; establishing governance structures; communicating nuanced issues effectively; and analysing data to identify focus areas.




I have always been deeply passionate about DE&I and feel so fortunate to now do it as my job! I enjoy collaborating with key stakeholders across the talent lifecycle to improve the employee experience and promote equitable outcomes – recognising that there is no silver bullet, and a holistic approach is required to move the dial. I also believe that inclusion is part of EY’s DNA, where we need to live it through our values, processes and daily interactions. We can all make change if we reflect on our sphere of influence and what you can personally do to make an impact, such as calling out non-inclusive behaviours, seeking different perspectives in your meetings and sharing your personal story to help others feel like they can do the same.

Through my time at EY, I’ve always felt able to show up as my authentic self. As a mixed-heritage (Iraqi/ Northern Irish) woman who grew up in a multifaith household, helping to care for my brother who has autism and a learning disability, it is incredible to be in a workplace that has representation across all my identities. At EY, intersectionality is recognised and celebrated – with DE&I Networks and Communities for all my characteristics as well as many others (7 DE&I Networks and 30+ communities to be exact!).