Hastings direct


We encourage our colleagues to be themselves in the workplace because we respect the unique contribution of every colleague, value diversity of thinking and know different perspectives strengthen the way we work.

Our focus is on attracting and retaining the best people from every background by celebrating differences and encouraging inclusion.

This means we treat all colleagues with respect and dignity, bringing out the best in them and allowing them to be who they are.


At Bupa Global & UK, we are committed to creating a culture where everyone is able to bring their whole selves to work and deliver their best.

We listen and care for our people, and strive to create environments where different backgrounds and perspectives are valued so that everyone feels free to contribute. We support and develop our people so they feel connected to our purpose and able to thrive.


We are constantly learning about how we can build a truly diverse organisation. As a fast growing and digitally focussed business, we’re at a compelling time in our journey at Hastings, with many opportunities for new and existing colleagues to have an exciting career with us, to learn and develop, and to have some fun along the way. Combining this proposition with our inclusive culture makes us, we hope, an increasingly appealing option for ambitious people from all backgrounds wanting to make a difference. We are fully committed to continuing to build an inclusive workforce and making sure that Hastings Direct remains a place where all colleagues can be who they are, contribute and thrive.



My name is Dan and I’m a Resourcing Executive in the Recruitment team at Hastings Direct. I began to lose my sight in 2013 at the age of 23. My vision continued to decline over time, which meant I was registered blind when I joined Hastings Direct in 2019. This period was challenging, it involved relearning everyday tasks which were once second nature and making use of my other senses. I had to grieve for my sight loss and then begin the journey to become independent once again. With difficulty, I set about using a white cane and after a year and a half I was given a new set of eyes and a companion, a guide dog called Reggie!


I’ve always strived for that normal routine. After nearly seven years of sight loss, Hastings Direct gave me an opportunity – an opportunity that I had dreamed of. I wanted to prove to myself that I could flourish and work just like everyone else. My everyday aim is to prove that lack of sight is not a barrier and that I add diversity and a fresh perspective to Hastings Direct. I don’t see my disability having an entirely negative impact on my life, it just means that I have to have a slightly different outlook, and be open and adaptable to change.

The support given to me from the Recruitment team and around the head office in Bexhill has been incredible. I’ve needed a lot of support and guidance since joining the company, as this has been my first job since losing my sight. I feel a sense of a community and family spirit – one that is there to support, encourage and to include anyone with any disability and a positive attitude to working life.

Everyone at Hastings Direct has made me and Reggie feel so welcome, creating an environment where I feel comfortable to be myself. My life has changed since working at Hastings Direct. I now have a purpose and enjoy work every day. I am looking forward to my future with Hastings Direct.


I’m a young 50-something and a proud single parent of a son who is living testimony of my hard work and dedication. I’m also a Claims Advisor at Hastings Direct and strive to take the customer on a smooth journey through the claims process.

I’ve been described as a bubbly and energetic person with a positive attitude to life. Born in Leicester of Caribbean heritage, I was brought up listening to the classics such as Nat King Cole, James Brown, The Beatles, and of course Jim Reeves. I think this has contributed to why I’m now part of three choirs and play the steel drums.


I’ve faced some challenges since working at Hastings, including two bereavements, but I have great support and encouragement from my colleagues. Since experiencing such loss, I have finally come to terms with admitting that I suffer with anxiety – I like to write poetry to help me overcome it, as it lets me focus on positive emotion.

There’s a real focus on wellbeing and diversity at Hastings which makes it stand out from other companies. I regularly attend the mindfulness sessions, which helps me take time for myself. I was also given the autonomy to suggest a wellbeing event centred on menopause, as it’s important that all colleagues understand how it can affect women in the workplace. This gave me the confidence to put further ideas forward, including frontline process changes to support our colleagues and customers.

My colleagues are of varying ages, backgrounds and nationalities, which is what initially attracted me to Hastings. I feel confident that I can be myself and look forward to work each day. I like to be vibrant and bring humour with me to work, whether that’s when talking to my colleagues or customers. I’m always learning and developing in my role, including any challenges I come up against. I’m ambitious, a team player and enjoy being part of the Claims department and the wider business. Hastings Direct is a great, fast-paced business which provides you with the framework to develop your skills and progress your career, while also encouraging you to achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Ranked No.4 – 2023/2024

Hastings Direct led the way for the insurance sector in diversity and inclusion in 2023, achieving the 4th spot on the Inclusive Top 50 UK Employers List. With approximately 5000 employees and a far-reaching customer base, their Chief Executive Officer, Toby Van Der Meer, recognises the importance of focusing on creating an inclusive workplace for every employee to attract a diverse pool of talent. His personal commitment to diversity and inclusion is seen throughout the organisation, from senior leadership support to their dedicated D&I professionals and internal consultants to their employees.


We’re incredibly proud to be named in the top 10 inclusive employers in the UK. It is testament to the work across our business to continually raise awareness of diversity and inclusion and adopt inclusive practices across Hastings, allowing our colleagues to be who they are in the workplace.