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OVO Energy

It’s OVO’s ambition to transform the way people use energy. Bringing everyone the renewables and carbon-cutting tech they need to go greener.

We’re working to become a net zero carbon business by 2030. And we’re helping our members halve their carbon footprints at the same time This isn’t a job, it’s the work of a lifetime. And we need the sharpest minds to help.



Raman Bhatia
CEO & Executive Co-Sponsor for Belonging

“I genuinely believe we can only succeed if our community is diverse and our goals are inclusive. This is why I’ll continue to champion Belonging at OVO as a key business priority.” 




Jag Jethwa

I’m Jag Jethwa, I am the Network Lead for OVO Believe. I am an African Indian and a practising Hindu. I feel it is important for me to be my whole self all of the time. This involves following my religious beliefs of meditation and fasting during religious periods. Over my career I have made an effort to inform people around me of my beliefs. It is important for everyone around you to know and respect you for your belief.

OVO Believe was set up to promote and educate the community on Beliefs, I feel fully supported by OVO to bring my faith into the workplace and to speak about Hinduism as well as learn from all beliefs. We have a monthly learning session on Beliefs, religious and non-religious. Without OVO’s help and support this would not be possible.”


Angela Liddell

Hi my name is Angela and I work within The Charity Support Team here at OVO dealing with our most vulnerable customers I live with drug resistant Epilepsy and unable to travel to work (for safety) so I work at home alongside my husband.

The impacts of day to day life are –

● seizures
● anxiety
● lack of concentration
● poor memory
● emotional issues
● additional health complications from brain surgery


OVO have been very supportive and accommodating with my additional needs within the workplace and they listen and go that extra mile to make sure I work with added support!

This support will be ongoing as I live with a life long condition that can be very challenging at times.