A world leader in software for self-driving vehicles, Oxa was founded out of Oxford University in 2014. Today we’ve offices in the U.K. and Canada and partners across the globe. We’re growing fast.

One thing hasn’t changed, though. People are the lifeblood of what we do. We know we’re only ever as good as our people, so we nurture a diverse environment where everyone gets to play to their strengths and feels welcome, heard and celebrated.

This spirit of inclusion is at the heart of our groundbreaking software, too. We want every industry to benefit from it, so we make our technology universal. Drawing on principles of physics, robotics, maths and AI, it’s designed to enable any vehicle, of any size, in any location, to be autonomous — to drive on its own, 100% of the time, without a driver as back-up. We call it Universal Autonomy™.

The ultimate goal? To create a safer, cleaner, more sustainable future for people and our planet.


For us, being inclusive naturally embraces gender identity, ethnicity and race, sexual orientation and identity, neuro and physical diversity, and culture and faith. But we also believe true inclusivity goes deeper.

It means embracing differences in personality, outlook and attitude. It can even be about communication style, or the degree to which someone is introverted or extroverted.

We take this approach because we’ve learnt that by tapping into people’s uniqueness, we learn what makes them tick and how to support them to be their best selves at work.  It makes us all better people. And because it brings new perspectives, it makes our work better too.  Just as we support our customers to succeed, we nurture a working environment where a balance of truth and respect ensures people can thrive professionally and personally. 

Specific D&I initiatives at Oxa include:

Voice Groups

Voice Groups on Gender Identity, Parenting & Caring, Ethnicity & Race, Sexual orientation & Identity, Neuro and Physical Diversity, and Culture &  Faith.

We see ourselves as ‘Learn it Alls’, always open to new possibilities from each other. Forums for rich conversations and debate, our Voice Groups meet on a regular basis to ensure that our D&I agenda sustains momentum. The suggestions that come from them are always heard and, where appropriate, actioned too.

gender de-biased tools

It is a mandatory requirement (for all team members who recruit or are part of our hiring squads) to undertake a number of ‘de-biasing your recruitment process’ workshops to guarantee an all-inclusive, gender-neutral workplace where people are allies for one another.

Lunch & Learns

These informal sessions update everyone on any Voice Group initiatives, and are fertile ground for collaboration and learning. Too often in some companies, departments get stuck in ‘silos’, which means less room for inter- and cross-disciplinary conversations. Our Lunch & Learns generate new ideas, build understanding and encourage open communication. And they’re fun.

This list is far from exhaustive. As we continue to grow, our team is working hard to ensure we take everyone along with us — that everyone feels they have a purpose and make a meaningful difference.  More importantly, we consciously nurture a culture where everyone feels that what matters to them matters to us, too. Together, we believe we can change the way the Earth moves — for the better.