The Civil Nuclear Constabulary

The Civil Nuclear Constabulary

The Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) is a unique armed police force, trained to College of Policing standards. Their core role is the security of the nation’s licenced civil nuclear sites in England and Scotland and civil nuclear material in transit globally and failure to deliver this is not an option.

People are at the heart of the CNC. As an organisation they strive to achieve a culture whereby they are all working together to bring out the best of each individual and team to achieve their mission of protecting the civil nuclear sector and the UK public. The Civil Nuclear Constabulary are #ProudtoProtect and carry out our nationally vital policing role.


Diversity and Inclusion is one of the foundations of our People Strategy – driving innovation across the organisation, engagement and a sense of connection and belonging.

The CNC is committed to building a unified, open, and inclusive culture, working together to execute the CNC Mission and Ambition. We actively develop a culture of engagement and inclusivity promoting belonging and recognising the strengths of a diverse work force.

The CNC value inclusivity and engagement with a focus on health, safety and wellbeing that enables all employees to trust, flourish and feel valued and involved within the organisation.

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Inclusivity is one of the four core values that the CNC and all our employees follow. Regardless of background everyone is equal and has a vital part to play in helping us achieve our ambition. Equality, inclusivity and fairness is at the heart of everything we do. We will continue to offer support to all of our employees through our many Equality Support Networks and ensure we continue to grow in this area so every member of CNC feels included and valued.


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Alex – CNC PC

Multi Ethnic Support Network Custodian  – Equalities Consultative & Support Network (ECSN)

Civil Nuclear Support Groups-MESN


One voice, strength in unity, making a positive difference to policing.

“I enjoy every aspect working for CNC especially working shift  pattern which gives me good work life balance, world class firearms training, use of gym facilities during working hours to enhance fitness and wellbeing,  Camaraderie and also getting involved with ECSN to promote diversity and inclusion to create a healthy working environment and a strong support mechanism for officers and staff.”