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The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is one of the largest specialist orthopaedic units in Europe. They offer planned orthopaedic surgery to people locally, nationally and internationally.


Inclusion is at the heart of the care we provide and the way we support our team. It is not an initiative, but a cultural foundation, an evolving commitment and a core organisational strength. We believe that when our team brings their authentic self to work, they can flourish personally and professionally, so inclusion is woven into our governance and receives consistent focus through our thriving staff networks. We know first-hand that inclusive organisations succeed across every domain that matters and as a hospital we know that person-centred care relies on people! Being an ‘Inclusive Company’ matters to us because it let’s the world know that we are committed to inclusion and diversity.

Jo Williams


The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital has been on a significant journey – evolving from a small specialist Trust to an influential leader, helping to define the future of orthopaedics. Our accomplishments are predicated on strong foundations; wellbeing, holistic care, participation and perhaps most importantly, inclusion.

These are not just words, they are the person-centred principles which define our journey. Putting people first has allowed us to achieve so much, adapt to challenges post-pandemic, and build an incredible culture. We’re proud of how far we’ve come and we’re excited about the impact we can have for patients in the future. While building a truly inclusive culture is challenging and ongoing, our mantra ‘let people bring their authentic selves to work’ is a great guiding principle, both permissive and ambitious. We are truly committed to inclusion and know that it is not static, in order to continue to foster a positive, open and supportive culture that celebrates difference and see diversity as a strength.


Claudette Jones

Senior Research Nurse

Are you involved in a staff network? If so, which one?

I am involved with the Equality and Diversity Network, and also a supporter of the following networks: MMEG, Be Yourself and the Disability Network.


Do you enjoy working at the ROH? If so, why?

I Enjoy working at the ROH because it has dynamic members of staff that, due to the hospitals small size, have a personable relationship with patients that you don’t find anywhere else.  People at the hospital are friendly, approachable, dedicated, hardworking and maintain old values while still delivering the best cutting-edge treatments and care that patients sometimes cannot access elsewhere.

Why is inclusion important to you?

Inclusion is important because it creates an environment where people feels included, welcome, respected, appreciated and able to bring their best self to work. Inclusion also provides equal access to opportunities and resources which is necessary for the continuous growth and development of any Organisation.

Jane Bevan

Clinical Audit & Effectiveness Facilitator

Are you involved in a staff network? If so, which one?

Equality and Diversity (if I had more time, I would support other Networks!)


Do you enjoy working at the ROH? If so, why?

Small friendly hospital which is like a family. You feel as if your small “cog” is as important as all the other larger “cogs” within the organisation. Your voice matters and is listened to, and if necessary, acted upon.

Why is inclusion important to you?

To feel as if you belong and your voice is heard, as much as the next person, whoever that may be. Everyone has a place within the organisation and everyone has something to offer and say which could be of benefit to the Trust. Inclusion should start at the beginning of working for the Trust – Advertising, Interviewing, Recruitment, Placement, Training, Support and so on.


Being involved in this initiative is a really clear demonstration of how we embed inclusivity across the trust, and gives us a place to learn best practice from other organisations, ensuring the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital continually improves and remains inclusive for staff and patients.”