E.ONRanked No.8 – 2023/2024

E.ON is committed to diversity and inclusivity in its workforce, intending to attract people from diverse backgrounds as it works to create a smarter and more sustainable energy future.

The company has already taken strides to foster an inclusive culture, implementing family-friendly policies, amplifying employee voices through colleague-led inclusion networks, democratising its talent strategy, and prioritising the development of future skills. Ultimately, E.ON has created an inclusive culture which aims to ensure everyone feels respected, valued, and empowered to contribute their best, both for their own growth and for the benefit of the company’s customers. This culture has recently led to the company being recognised at the UK’s 8th most inclusive employer.

E.ON is placing a strong focus on D&I, complete with specific targets for senior executives. A mentor scheme enhances leadership engagement, with over 50 leaders currently participating. Comprehensive support, including guides, learning materials, and podcasts on reverse mentoring relationships, ensures the effectiveness of these mentorship connections. Inclusion networks receive active leadership sponsorship from UK Board members and Directors, who contribute resources, funding, and engagement by attending steering committee meetings. They challenge existing approaches and organise events such as Ted Chats, listening circles, webinars, and celebrations for various diversity and inclusion themes.

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