Emma McLaughlin-Edwards | EMCOR UK


Emma’s position as the first Executive Director for ED&I at EMCOR UK is pivotal in defining the organisation’s commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion. Leading with authenticity and compassion, she cultivates an inclusive culture that encourages difficult conversations in safe spaces. With 20 years of experience in leading Facilities Management roles, Emma’s influence extends beyond the company as she aims to shape the wider ED&I community through advocacy and leadership. Her impactful initiatives serve as a model for meaningful change, impacting both the organisation and the broader community.

Tell us about a woman who gave you the strength and confidence to excel in your career. Could be someone famous or someone you know?


Am I allowed to have two?! For me its my Mum and my Wife. My Mum always encouraged me to believe I could achieve anything in life. When I came out at the age of 20 she was the first person I told and she made me feel ok to be ‘different’. She has always championed my career and gave me the best advice, to lead with kindness. My wife is my rock, without her support I definitely wouldn’t be able to do what I do. She also has a demanding job, we have three children and we are Carer’s, so it can often feel like a juggling act, but we make it work.  This, for me is a great example of how women hold each other up and give them the practical and emotional support needed to do it all!

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