Case studies



As excitement builds for The Inclusive Top 50 UK Employers, more and more companies are joining our premier network of organisations leading in equality, diversity & inclusion, and are recognising the significance of taking a fresh look at how inclusion is viewed.

Compiled by a dedicated panel of judges, the list was collated based on each organisations performance in a range of areas across the diversity arena.

Companies featured provided sufficient evidence on an amalgamation of topics including recruitment procedures, training and a host of diversity related initiatives.

We are so proud to be working with employers that are capturing the diverse talents of the wonderful population of the United Kingdom and becoming more competitive as a result.

Using resources and our knowledge of this sector, we have been able to identify key organisations that are ahead of the curve in the diversity arena.

The Inclusive Companies is a supreme opportunity to celebrate and market this work, and we’re delighted to reveal case studies on those organisations that ranked top 5 on the list.

Please click on a company logo to view their 2022/23 Case Study