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Virtual Event: Black Inclusion – Past, Present & Future

Thursday 22nd October | 10.00 – 12.00 BST

Honouring Black History Month and the Official Launch of Black Leaders, this dynamic and insightful event in partnership with Auto Trader UK will feature a host of influential speakers and a powerful panel session. Not only will we explore an interesting array of topics, but we will delve into various aspects of Black History through time, celebrating Black Inclusion throughout the past, present & future.

The Past: Renowned social historian, television presenter and journalist Laurence Westgaph will explore Black History and celebrate the forgotten stories of some of the most influential black people through time. 

The Present: The shocking death of George Floyd caught on video in the US sparked protests all over the UK and a national debate over Britain’s history. This panel session features powerful speakers from backgrounds of community, education, charity and business, who will explore some of the issues in the UK which prompted so many to react, and what we as a society are facing today.

The Future: The time for change is now! We all have a duty to drive change and set a course for a better, more inclusive future. Black Leaders is a national community aimed at addressing the inequalities and the systemic barriers faced by black people across all aspects of society. During this segment Black Leaders will investigate what the future holds and launch groundbreaking initiatives such as the Black Inclusion Index, empowerment leadership programme for communities, and Black Inclusion Week.

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Webinar: Inclusivity & Intersectionality in the Workplace – Facilitated by Paul Deemer

Wednesday 28th October | 11.30 – 12.30 BST

What to expect?: “So what does inclusivity really look like? And what does intersectionality even mean? Join us for this interactive webinar and explore these concepts with us and some expert colleagues from the world of diversity and inclusion. We will talk about both the theory and the practice of inclusivity and intersectionality and help you to think about how you can introduce these ideas into your own organisation.”

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Workshop: Menopause in the Workplace – Facilitated by Henpicked

Tuesday 10th November | 10.30 – 12.00 BST

Did you know that menopausal women are the fastest growing population at work? Or that around 8 out of 10 menopausal women are in work? Whilst some women sail through menopause, 3 in 4 experience symptoms and as many as 1 in 4 have serious symptoms. However, around half have never consulted a healthcare professional about their menopause. This is an increasingly popular subject for all employers and their employees, supporting Diversity & Inclusion, and Equality.

To mark World Menopause Day, this webinar will help you understand what you need to know and do within your organisation to provide the right awareness, education and support.

This webinar will provide participants with:

An overview of the compelling reasons for menopause awareness, education and support in the workplace, and why it’s now urgent and important.

An understanding of what menopause is and how it can affect someone at work.

An understanding of best practice, demonstrated by AutoTrader’s case study.

What you can do in your organisation and how to do it.

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Webinar: Trans Inclusion in the Workplace – Facilitated by Ellie Lowther

Friday 13th November | 11.30 – 12.30 BST

Join us in the week leading up to TDoR (Trans Day of Remembrance) for this interactive webinar. The world is perceived as an ever-changing place and businesses of all sizes can benefit from having a deeper understanding of what inclusion looks and feels like for some of the most marginalised in our society. Understanding the roadmap to inclusion is essential for any forward-thinking company. 

Ellie Lowther brings her own unique style to the world of diversity & inclusion. Making a real difference wherever she delivers. Ellie has personally overcome so much in life which makes her sunny positive attitude even more remarkable.

Ellie’s roots are firmly in the voluntary sector, Charity founder, Ellie created the first trans specific “our house” project in the UK which attracted a visit from Radio 1 newsbeat! She now brings those values and her passion for inclusion to the world of business with her social purpose company Essential Learning Curve Ltd and works across many sectors, including Colleges, Prisons, Health care, public and private sector. Ellie is most proud of her work with National Citizen Service where she has delivered awareness to thousands of young people over the last 4 years.

Working across such a broad range of areas, she has valuable insight into trans inclusion within the workplace and wider society. Ellie was recognised for the work she does in 2019 as an NDA finalist in the Positive Role Model category. Connect with Ellie on LinkedIn.

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