How to completely switch off from work and relax

You finished work three hours ago, so why are you still anxiously checking email on your phone? And is it essential to hit refresh on Twitter every two minutes when you’re supposed to be winding down? If you feel as though you’re always switched on, and are struggling to chill outside of work, then you’re not alone. A recent study … Read More

How can your organisation become digitally inclusive?

The Covid-19 crisis has required entire workforces across the world to change their working practices at very short notice. This has brought our relationship and our reliance on technology into very clear focus. To exist in today’s digital society, you will have to use technology. There are more than a billion people on the planet with a disability so our technology … Read More

New Gender Pay Gap Research Again Signals The Need For Unconscious Bias Training

With research from the European Parliament showing that a 14.8% gender pay gap still exists within the EU and with new research from Instant Officesshowing that more than half of UK women still feel uncomfortable asking their boss for a payrise, it’s evident that reaching pay parity will be a slow and painful process..  According to the European Parliament, one … Read More

One in five of UK’s top FTSE 350 firms warned over gender diversity

One in five of the top 350 UK companies have been warned about the lack of gender diversity at senior levels. A government-backed review has written to 63 firms asking them how they plan to improve gender balance. The Hampton-Alexander Review wants a third of board-level and leadership positions at the UK’s top firms to be filled by women by … Read More

Quotas alone can’t fix diversity – it’s time to go further

Many of the International Women’s Month panel discussions I have sat on turn to the topic of quotas. I always defend them. I reject the criticism that quotas somehow usurp “meritocracy” because meritocracy does not exist (it is no coincidence that the Oxbridge-educated children of other journalists, for example, just happen to “deserve” so many journalism jobs). That said, I … Read More

The problem with diversity targets in the workplace.

This past Sunday, as people around the world celebrated International Women’s Day, they also shone a light on the unfortunate—yet unsurprising—enduring challenges women continue to face in society. Some of the most disturbing trials were highlighted in the UN’s Gender Social Norms index, a global survey which measures and analyses gender bias in 75 countries, which found that at least … Read More

What If Workplace Diversity Is The Biggest ‘Scam’ Yet

According to research, diversity programs are failing.   They fail because of poor implementation, or in other words, no one knows what to do with the new chief diversity officer. Droves of people of colour are hired, then isolated or left alone to do the work as many have reported.  They feel like isolated props, not active changemakers. Thousands of dollars are … Read More

Unicef UK gives all staff equal parental leave

Unicef, the United Nations children’s agency, has said parental leave is to be equalised for all of its UK employees. Unicef UK will now offer 52 weeks leave and equal pay for all new caregivers, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. The policy will also include staff who are adopting a child. Unicef said the UK ranked fourth lowest out … Read More

There are now more FTSE 100 women than ever – but not at the top

Good news. A third (33.3 per cent) of all board members in the FTSE 100 are now women. The target was set in the Hampton-Alexander review and has been hit a year early. What’s more there are now no men-only FTSE 100 boards and we are on track to meet the target of 33 per cent of women across FTSE 350 board roles by the … Read More