How to implement a bottom-up approach and improve diversity

Over the last decade, diversity has cemented its place in boardroom discussions across every industry. Companies have realised the benefits of having a diverse workforce, how it leads to broader knowledge and experiences across an organisation and, therefore, culminates in better decision making. The property and construction sector, however, has largely struggled to keep up with other industries in improving … Read More

How to completely switch off from work and relax

You finished work three hours ago, so why are you still anxiously checking email on your phone? And is it essential to hit refresh on Twitter every two minutes when you’re supposed to be winding down? If you feel as though you’re always switched on, and are struggling to chill outside of work, then you’re not alone. A recent study … Read More

Expectations at work are changing

New research from Aon, claims that 94 percent of employers believe their employees’ expectations of work experience are changing. In Aon’s Benefits and Trends Survey 2020, employers say their employees expect flexible working hours, the ability to work from home, better awareness and handling of mental health, better approaches to diversity and inclusion and better parental policies. A surprise in … Read More

One in five of UK’s top FTSE 350 firms warned over gender diversity

One in five of the top 350 UK companies have been warned about the lack of gender diversity at senior levels. A government-backed review has written to 63 firms asking them how they plan to improve gender balance. The Hampton-Alexander Review wants a third of board-level and leadership positions at the UK’s top firms to be filled by women by … Read More

Proptech can lead on diversity

Put the words ‘technology’ and ‘property’ side by side and the automatic association is with disruption and modernisation. But is the forward-thinking sector really that modern? Technological know-how, state-of-the-art platforms, virtual reality and AI may well be revolutionising the way we interact with buildings and the wider built environment, but what is technology without its diverse range of people? And how … Read More

Quotas alone can’t fix diversity – it’s time to go further

Many of the International Women’s Month panel discussions I have sat on turn to the topic of quotas. I always defend them. I reject the criticism that quotas somehow usurp “meritocracy” because meritocracy does not exist (it is no coincidence that the Oxbridge-educated children of other journalists, for example, just happen to “deserve” so many journalism jobs). That said, I … Read More

Startups need to start investing cold, hard cash in diversity

Paying lip-service isn’t enough: Diversity VC’s Francesca Warner shares her tips for startups and investors looking to make their teams more diverse Diverse teams lead to better company performance – that’s the verdict of 90 per cent of people surveyed for Atomico’s State of European Tech report in 2018. However, the 2019 report suggests startups still have a long way … Read More

The problem with diversity targets in the workplace.

This past Sunday, as people around the world celebrated International Women’s Day, they also shone a light on the unfortunate—yet unsurprising—enduring challenges women continue to face in society. Some of the most disturbing trials were highlighted in the UN’s Gender Social Norms index, a global survey which measures and analyses gender bias in 75 countries, which found that at least … Read More

UK Universities Have An Inclusion Problem & Change Isn’t Happening Fast Enough

Last year, Oxford Union came under fire when blind working-class Ghanian student Ebenezer Azamati was dragged out of one of its debating events. Brendan McGrath, the president of the union who has since stepped down, went as far as to call for a disciplinary meeting in which Ebenezer Azamati was charged with “guilty and violent” conduct. Azamati told the BBC … Read More

What barriers to employment are faced by disabled candidates?

What barriers to employment are faced by disabled candidates? There is much talk about the disability employment gap and its causes. At Evenbreak, we wanted to find out from the real experts (disabled job seekers themselves) what barriers prevent disabled people from gaining work. People on the Enactus programme at UCL conducted research on our behalf. They received an overwhelming response from more than 700 … Read More