February is LGBT History Month in the UK. With such an important date in the LGBT calendar coming up, we wanted to highlight the importance of this month, and discuss why marking LGBT history is still important in 2020. LGBT History Month is an observation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history, including the history of the LGBT+ civil rights … Read More

Workplace policies can help LGBT inclusion

How can my business encourage LGBT inclusion? A. Creating an inclusive and positive working culture will be key to retaining top talent and keeping staff satisfaction levels high. With this in mind, there are a host of business-friendly practices you can implement to better encourage LGBT inclusion in your organisation. The most common first step would be to implement a … Read More

Majority of LGBT employees think UK employers lack diversity focus

Nearly two thirds of LGBT+ employees in the UK think their workplace lacks commitment to diversity, statistics by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) about the effectiveness of diversity and inclusion programmes has found. Compared to other survey respondents, LGBT+ employees are the most sceptical of their employers’ efforts to promote diversity and inclusion (D&I) policies, with only 39 percent of LGBT+ … Read More

BBC soap set for diversity Shake-Up under new boss Kate Oates

East Enders has seen an notable shake-up take place recently as former Coronation Street boss Kate Oates has moved over to the soap to become executive producer. Kate has hinted the BBC soap could set to become more diverse. Kate, who has also worked on ITV soap Emmerdale, explained how the matter was “high on her list” for EastEnders. When … Read More

UK second best for most LGBT+ inclusive business environments

A new survey has found that a fifth of global employees would still be reluctant with regards to being open about their sexuality or gender identity. While the UK ranks second in a list of countries where LGBT+ talent feel comfortable coming out at work, over a third would lie about their partner when asked by a manager if they’re … Read More