Disability in the workplace: mind the (pay) gap?

Claire Powell and Ryan Bradshaw, who specialise in employment law, assess current pay challenges faced by disabled workers. It is easy to assume that in the UK in 2020 a physical or mental disability will not determine your salary. However, figures from the Office of National Statistics (“ONS”) have shown that the employment landscape in the UK is far from … Read More

UK still ‘generations away’ from equality in top jobs

Study finds women make up just over one in 20 CEOs of FTSE 100 firms The UK is “generations away” from achieving gender equality in its top jobs, according to a new study by the country’s leading equality charity. Men still dominate in politics, business and public life, with the under-representation of women “consistent and persistent across sectors”, according to researchers at … Read More

Disabled workers paid 12% less, ‘damning’ UK official figures show

Charities say negative attitudes and lack of understanding of disability hold people back.  Disabled people continue to face prejudice in the workplace campaigners have said, after latest government figures showed they were paid on average 12.2% less than those without impairments, equivalent to £1.48 an hour. According to Office for National Statistics (ONS) data, the median pay for disabled employees in 2018 … Read More

Only 3% of UK employers measure ethnicity or disability pay gaps, research shows

While 77 per cent of employers say ensuring workforce diversity is a priority, only 44 per cent record or collect data on ethnicity or disabilities. Just 3 per cent of UK employers measure their ethnicity or disability pay gaps, according to research by the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Research carried out by the EHRC showed that people who have a … Read More