Diversity and Inclusion remains a top challenge for companies in 2021, despite 81% conducting unconscious bias training

A recent survey by Arctic Shores, which investigated the talent acquisition landscape for the year ahead, revealed that 3 in 4 companies plan to review their diversity hiring practices for 2021. These findings are surprising, considering 81% of companies already run unconscious bias training. This would suggest diminishing confidence amongst talent leaders that unconscious bias training alone is enough to … Read More

UK’s workforce calls for more action on diversity and inclusion

Almost half (46%) of Britain’s workforce think their employer could do more when it comes to diversity, with 58% of employees from Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds agreeing, according to a report from UK-based tech-for-good developer, Culture Shift. Despite 79% of employees confirming that working somewhere with a diverse workforce is an important factor for their happiness at work, … Read More

New research reveals strategies for global disability inclusion

90 per cent of businesses are recognising the importance of disabled employees and customers A new study of 120 global brands shows how over 90 per cent of businesses are recognising the importance of disabled employees and customers. The study is the first to consider how businesses are serving the needs of disabled people at a global and local level … Read More

Managing an autistic employee

Working with someone on the autism spectrum (including those with Asperger syndrome), can be an enriching experience for managers and colleagues alike, but it may also present some challenges. Here we explain how to avoid or overcome any difficulties, in order to ensure enjoyable and effective working relationships. Many autistic people have a variety of sometimes exceptional skills that enable … Read More

Diversity and inclusion: 8 best practices for changing your culture

Diverse and inclusive companies drive innovative results. Yet the tech industry still struggles with diversity and inclusion, often failing to attract diverse talent due to inclusivity issues in the workplace. For organizations looking to shape up their diversity and inclusion programs and policies, the change can be challenging — and rewarding. Most companies enact change to deliver business value, and many who launch … Read More

John Parker decries slow progress on ethnic minority board representation

John Parker, author of an influential report into ethnic and cultural diversity and chairman of utility company Pennon, has called on British business to step up their efforts on ethnic minority board representation after painfully slow progress in recent years. “I’ve been a supporter of diversity in boardrooms for a very long time,” said Sir John, a former chairman of … Read More

New Gender Pay Gap Research Again Signals The Need For Unconscious Bias Training

With research from the European Parliament showing that a 14.8% gender pay gap still exists within the EU and with new research from Instant Officesshowing that more than half of UK women still feel uncomfortable asking their boss for a payrise, it’s evident that reaching pay parity will be a slow and painful process..  According to the European Parliament, one … Read More

How organisations can enable workplace diversity and inclusion

Organisations with diverse voices are able to innovate holistic solutions to business and societal challenges, encourage creative thinking and win success with customers Research supports that Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is a fundamental differentiator for businesses and key to driving innovation and powering the growth of customers and the ecosystem. With technology permeating through societies, across industries and the broader … Read More

How white employers can “do diversity” better

My first experience of a workplace ‘diversity discussion’ happened during an internship for a London based communications firm. Over a lunch break, I remember asking my fellow interns whether they would accept a job at the company if they were offered it. The two other graduates who were both from a white-Jewish background, both said no on the basis that … Read More

Lesbian, bi and trans women face serious health inequalities in the UK and nobody is doing anything about it

While the gap in healthcare between genders is becoming more well-known, the fact that LBT women face poorer care than straight, cisgender women remains an underreported issue.   “The health inequalities faced by LGBT+ women, and the existing good practice to address these, are rarely discussed in either the health system or the LGBT+ sector,” says Sarah Humphreys, chair of … Read More