Almost a third of people ‘have never’ heard mention of Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace | Manchester Pride Research Findings

Almost a third of people surveyed ‘have never’ heard mention of Diversity and Inclusion by their employer in the workplace. Yet 50% of those surveyed have faced discrimination based on their sexual orientation, 28% of those surveyed have faced discrimination based on their race. To mark the launch of its All Equals Charter LGBTQ+ charity Manchester Pride has revealed the … Read More

Six Key Character Traits Of A Disability Inclusion Leader

An inclusive workplace doesn’t happen overnight. Organizations must actively work to make it inclusive for differently abled people. Leaders, in particular, must create an inclusive work culture that recognizes unique talents, traits and the expertise of people with disabilities. Inclusive leadership not only encourages each team member to voice their thoughts, but research has also revealed that it leads to … Read More

Why able bodied people should boycott inaccessible spaces

Meg Fozzard calls for able bodied people to boycott pubs that aren’t wheelchair friendly I love my local pub. It’s just down the road from our flat and is quirky without being pretentious. There is a massive beer garden and a burger van. Their selection of real ales is amazing. But unfortunately, I won’t be going back because it’s not … Read More

Helping employers increase socio-economic diversity and inclusion

Employers can attract and develop employees from all socio-economic backgrounds by using the new employers’ toolkit. The Social Mobility Commission launches a new guide to help employers attract and retain talented people from all social backgrounds today (6 Feb 2020). The Socio-economic diversity and inclusion employers’ toolkit, created by the Bridge Group, gives practical and cost-effective recommendations to help ensure … Read More

How To Optimize Diversity And Creativity In Teams

If you’re a leader or human resources manager, it’s important to think strategically about how you build and manage creative teams. The right combination of people will produce more disruptive ideas and solutions, and can significantly exceed the creativity of any one individual team member. An example of this is the Renaissance—one of the most innovative eras in human history. … Read More

Call for all schools to teach sign language ‘to make world more inclusive’

Nearly 100,000 people sign a petition set up by a teenager calling for greater young people to be able to learn sign language. Nearly 100,000 people have signed a petition set up by an 18-year-old calling for all schools to teach basic sign language. Jade Kilduff, 18, launched the campaign after seeing how sign language transformed her younger brother’s life. … Read More

Sole traders can play vital role in diversity and inclusion

Sole traders can play an important role in encouraging diversity and inclusion within financial advice, the chief executive of the Personal Finance Society has said. Keith Richards acknowledged that a sizeable portion of the financial advice industry is made up of sole traders or companies with maybe just two full-time members of staff, more often than not, male. Speaking to … Read More