How one million disabled people are shut out of employment in the UK

Earning a living is a right most of us take for granted. But one million disabled people are currently being denied the opportunity to work, say campaigners. Those who could make an important contribution to the economy have been shut out by outdated attitudes, employers’ unwillingness to invest and outdated transport infrastructure. Today three bright young people reveal their workplace … Read More

We should be striving for representation, not just diversity

Achieving diversity is not enough – the sector should be aiming for a position where it truly represents a diverse range of backgrounds, writes Anita Khan.  The actor Riz Ahmed has an interesting take on diversity – he says he hates the word. His reasoning is that he is much more interested in representation, as this “stretches culture” and gives … Read More

Four reasons why inclusion can benefit your business

There are many reasons why inclusion can benefit your business, not only to maintain talent as an employer but also to gain a better understanding of your customers. The benefits are therefore both ‘in-house’ and in your external business environment. Reasons why inclusion can benefit your business:     1.Gaining a better understanding of your customers The more diverse your workforce is, … Read More

Insurance industry makes progress towards gender parity

The Association of British Insurers says the number of women in executive positions in insurance has increased by five percentage points but the progress is not sufficient. ABI says gender diversity improved at nearly all levels of the insurance industry in 2018 and 27 per cent of those in executive positions are now women, compared to 22 per in 2017. … Read More

Disability and age discrimination are top concerns for UK employees

More than half of employees say the inclusion of disabled people is an area that requires the greatest improvement within their organisation; with the diversity of age groups coming in a close second at just under half. This is according to the latest findings from Wildgoose’s Diversity and Inclusivity in the Workplace survey. The results suggest a shift in the … Read More

BAME diversity in UK ad agencies is at an all time high – but 95% of C-suites are white

Ethnic diversity within the walls of UK ad agencies is at its “highest recorded level” according to the Institute of Practitioners (IPA) 2018 diversity study. However, the industry has still to make significant progress in appointing individuals from black, Asian, and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds to senior positions. The study, which this year garnered responses from around 105 of IPA’s … Read More

Campaign launched for more diverse fire and rescue services

Firefighters in England are approximately 95% male and white. The Home Office is launching a new campaign to help fire and rescue services change that. Only 5.2% of firefighters in England are women, and 3.9% are from an ethnic minority background (BAME). Join the Team: Become a Firefighter will combine a fitness guide encouraging more women to serve, as well … Read More

Trying to improve racial diversity in the media

‘Bob del Quiaro and Wendy Sloane on journalism courses for BAME students. Plus Paul Doran says sportspeople should walk off the pitch whenever a racist incident occurs’. Daniel Taylor is right to wonder why there is a lack of ethnic diversity in sports journalism in Britain (Why should someone like Raheem Sterling be seen as ‘fair game’?, 11 December). Many … Read More

Business ideas for 2019: Inclusive children’s products

From books with diverse characters, to educational toys and gender-neutral clothing, discover why 2019 is the year to launch an inclusive children’s business. Inclusive children’s products encompass a wide range of items, from the clothes children wear, to the toys they play with and the books they read, to name but a few. What unites them is the aim of … Read More

Why everyone’s talking about the pay gap?

The government is proposing to compel large companies to report their remuneration disparities by ethnicity, as well as gender. What should all employers be doing already? RENÉ CARAYOL, an executive coach and broadcaster who has served as a senior executive at M&S and a board director at PepsiCo, and advised bodies such as the UN and the World Bank Revealing … Read More