Lesbian, bi and trans women face serious health inequalities in the UK and nobody is doing anything about it

While the gap in healthcare between genders is becoming more well-known, the fact that LBT women face poorer care than straight, cisgender women remains an underreported issue.   “The health inequalities faced by LGBT+ women, and the existing good practice to address these, are rarely discussed in either the health system or the LGBT+ sector,” says Sarah Humphreys, chair of … Read More

Startups need to start investing cold, hard cash in diversity

Paying lip-service isn’t enough: Diversity VC’s Francesca Warner shares her tips for startups and investors looking to make their teams more diverse Diverse teams lead to better company performance – that’s the verdict of 90 per cent of people surveyed for Atomico’s State of European Tech report in 2018. However, the 2019 report suggests startups still have a long way … Read More

The problem with diversity targets in the workplace.

This past Sunday, as people around the world celebrated International Women’s Day, they also shone a light on the unfortunate—yet unsurprising—enduring challenges women continue to face in society. Some of the most disturbing trials were highlighted in the UN’s Gender Social Norms index, a global survey which measures and analyses gender bias in 75 countries, which found that at least … Read More

Women in finance: How AI is shining a light on diversity

Despite equality being one of the cornerstones of civilised society, a lack of gender parity and diversity within the financial services industry continues to be a problem, with many banks maintaining disparate corporate policies and different ways of ensuring work environments operate efficiently for all genders employed in the sector. UNICEF data reveals that two-thirds of the world’s children – … Read More

Why able bodied people should boycott inaccessible spaces

Meg Fozzard calls for able bodied people to boycott pubs that aren’t wheelchair friendly I love my local pub. It’s just down the road from our flat and is quirky without being pretentious. There is a massive beer garden and a burger van. Their selection of real ales is amazing. But unfortunately, I won’t be going back because it’s not … Read More

Tesco becomes first UK supermarket to launch diverse range of skin tone plasters

A range of fabric plasters consisting of ‘light’, ‘medium’ and ‘dark’ tones has been released by Tesco in a bid to ‘better serve our customers from all backgrounds and communities’ Tesco has become the first UK supermarket to launch a range of fabric plasters in three skin tones to ‘better represent the nation’. The store developed the plasters after a … Read More

Sole traders can play vital role in diversity and inclusion

Sole traders can play an important role in encouraging diversity and inclusion within financial advice, the chief executive of the Personal Finance Society has said. Keith Richards acknowledged that a sizeable portion of the financial advice industry is made up of sole traders or companies with maybe just two full-time members of staff, more often than not, male. Speaking to … Read More

Unicef UK gives all staff equal parental leave

Unicef, the United Nations children’s agency, has said parental leave is to be equalised for all of its UK employees. Unicef UK will now offer 52 weeks leave and equal pay for all new caregivers, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. The policy will also include staff who are adopting a child. Unicef said the UK ranked fourth lowest out … Read More

There are now more FTSE 100 women than ever – but not at the top

Good news. A third (33.3 per cent) of all board members in the FTSE 100 are now women. The target was set in the Hampton-Alexander review and has been hit a year early. What’s more there are now no men-only FTSE 100 boards and we are on track to meet the target of 33 per cent of women across FTSE 350 board roles by the … Read More