The problem with diversity targets in the workplace.

This past Sunday, as people around the world celebrated International Women’s Day, they also shone a light on the unfortunate—yet unsurprising—enduring challenges women continue to face in society. Some of the most disturbing trials were highlighted in the UN’s Gender Social Norms index, a global survey which measures and analyses gender bias in 75 countries, which found that at least … Read More

Unicef UK gives all staff equal parental leave

Unicef, the United Nations children’s agency, has said parental leave is to be equalised for all of its UK employees. Unicef UK will now offer 52 weeks leave and equal pay for all new caregivers, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. The policy will also include staff who are adopting a child. Unicef said the UK ranked fourth lowest out … Read More

There are now more FTSE 100 women than ever – but not at the top

Good news. A third (33.3 per cent) of all board members in the FTSE 100 are now women. The target was set in the Hampton-Alexander review and has been hit a year early. What’s more there are now no men-only FTSE 100 boards and we are on track to meet the target of 33 per cent of women across FTSE 350 board roles by the … Read More

Rise in full-time female workers boosts employment

A record number of women in full-time work has pushed the UK’s employment rate to a new high of 76.3%, the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show. In the three months to November, 126,000 more women worked full-time compared with the previous quarter. The increase is in part because of the change in women’s retirement age. The … Read More

UK falls six places in gender equality rankings

Country has fallen from 15th most equal nation in last audit in 2018 to 21st this time.  The UK has fallen six places down the global rankings for gender equality. Despite successive prime ministers pledging to take decisive action to tackle the gender imbalances in politics and wider British society, the UK has dropped from the 15th most equal nation … Read More

GMB: Gender equality in UK construction is still a distant dream

Construction trade union GMB has estimated that it will take almost 200 years to achieve gender equality in the UK construction industry. Revealing the analysis at its annual conference in Brighton, the union estimated that at the current growth rate the number of women working in the industry will be equal to the number of men by 2194.  There are … Read More

European clubs look at increasing gender diversity

  Europe’s biggest Football clubs have approved plans aimed at increasing gender diversity in the game across the continent, their umbrella organisation said on Monday. The European Club Association (ECA), representing more than 200 of the continent’s clubs including the likes of Real Madrid, Manchester United and Bayern Munich, said women were significantly underrepresented and its executive board had backed … Read More

Only 3% of UK employers measure ethnicity or disability pay gaps, research shows

While 77 per cent of employers say ensuring workforce diversity is a priority, only 44 per cent record or collect data on ethnicity or disabilities. Just 3 per cent of UK employers measure their ethnicity or disability pay gaps, according to research by the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Research carried out by the EHRC showed that people who have a … Read More