Four reasons why inclusion can benefit your business

There are many reasons why inclusion can benefit your business, not only to maintain talent as an employer but also to gain a better understanding of your customers. The benefits are therefore both ‘in-house’ and in your external business environment. Reasons why inclusion can benefit your business:     1.Gaining a better understanding of your customers The more diverse your workforce is, … Read More

Insurance industry makes progress towards gender parity

The Association of British Insurers says the number of women in executive positions in insurance has increased by five percentage points but the progress is not sufficient. ABI says gender diversity improved at nearly all levels of the insurance industry in 2018 and 27 per cent of those in executive positions are now women, compared to 22 per in 2017. … Read More

70% of managers blocked from providing mental health support

With mental health ailments reaching all-time highs among the UK workforce, companies will need to take radical new approaches to maintain the wellbeing of their workforce, or risk dire consequences for their business and reputation. According to a new report, however, almost seven in ten UK managers still feel that there are structural barriers in place preventing them from supporting … Read More

Championing Diversity & Inclusion

I am honoured to work for an organisation ranked no 6 on The Inclusive Top 50 UK Employers List.  As part of my role I endeavour to ensure we are dedicated to being an inclusive employer and I am proud of the continuing developments we have made for our employees and service users. Appearing on such a well-recognised and respected … Read More